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hibition. After three years of construction, a new science and technology museum will open in the Chinese capital on Sunday. Ren Ting tells us about the city's new attraction.The Museum of C▓hinese Science & Technology covers an area of 40,000▓ square me

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ters. Activities on hand include popular science ▓exhibitions, Astro-Vision film shows, training-based education programs, and experiment-driven te

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chnology presentations.Beijing's newest museum boasts more than one▓-thousand creative items. Entering the west hall of the building, 805 balls combi

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ne to form an 18-meter-lon▓g by 12-meter-wide display. The colorful array can ▓shift into 12 different patterns using its design program.▓ The 47

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-meter-high double-helix structure reflects basic life science.The new phase of th

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ists. Winners receive a ca

e China Science & Tech▓nology Museum has held its opening ceremony, finally openi

sh prize of 5-million yu

ng its gate to eager science lovers after three yea▓rs of construction. Judging from its

an, or over 730-thousand U

exterior, spectator▓s will find the journey through the museum both entert▓aining and

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nourishing to their brain.Situated at the northeast part of Olympic Green, the new sit

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e of the China Science & Technology Museum is near the iconic Bird's Nest and Wa

sic scientific research,

ter Cube.The museum was created by the w▓ell-known craftsman Lu Ban, and is shaped like a

with far-reaching influ

huge lock. It implies that knowledge can be unlocked through scientific discovery.Inside the hall, visitors are welcomed by a flying apsaras imitating the familiar double helix of DNA molecules.The structure is composed of ▓little balls that are controlled by computer, and can be t▓ransformed into different shapes according to the different programs.The new Science &

amp; Technology Muse▓um has five halls with different themes, that include▓s one for sci

ence lovers to play interactive games, one that introduces ancient Chinese

inventions, one featuring new frontier discoveries, one featuring science in dail▓y life, and

mous economic return▓s or facilitated social progress. The first State Supreme Science and Technology Award was g
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